“I love my life, I love my job and I thank those that got me here and got me through. “

“I love my life, I love my job and I thank those that got me here and got me through. “

For those who don’t know me, my name is Kim Cunningham and I am the Director of Intake at Narconon Get off Drugs Naturally. I work with families and addicts in getting people onto the Narconon Program. I probably have the best position here only because I see people at their worst, desperate and in pain, and then have the privilege of witnessing this amazing transformation from despair to drug free, incredible and capable beings. I love what I do and this is how I got to be here.

I had been a heavy addict for many , many years. It started off with smoking marijuana for the first time when I was 17. That was the beginning of a spiral. It did not take long at all. I spent the next 20 years slowly ruining my life, alienating myself from the people that loved me, picking up another drug as I went along. I stole, lied, hurt so many people yet I continued doing what I was doing because drugs were my solution to the problem that drugs had created. Go figure…..how illogical is that. I didn’t know any better. I had no idea that there really was a solution. I tried to get clean and succeeded many time. Unfortunately it was only short lived and those periods where I was drug free, I was miserable. I hated myself yet I had no idea why. Why did I feel better using drugs than being clean?
There are moments in my life where death appeared to be a far better option. I spent all of this time worrying about how to score and didn’t actually live a life. Most of this time is still a vague memory. That stopped one morning and this is a memory I will never forget. I laid on my lounge room couch one morning in the most excruciating pain. I was grey, I was nothing but skin and bones. I basically had no-one. I thought about the easiest and least destructive way I could end my life without causing anyone else too much pain. By this time I had 2 children who barely knew me because their mother’s main priority was drugs.
It was time to die or do something I’d never done before. I rang my Aunty and just broke down. I told her how bad things were and that I could not do this anymore. Within a half an hour she came over and told me that I was going to Narconon. I wanted to fight her on it but I couldn’t. It was this, or have nothing, no family, no love, no children. I knew that my body was literally giving up on me so I would soon lose my life also.
That was the day I saw a very slight glimpse of Kim (me). I hadn’t seen her or known her for 20 years (if not longer). Once that decision was made that my life could no longer be what it was, I felt better immediately. Death warmed up, but better.
It took me 4 months to complete the program and during that time, I began t to know Kim a little better. I had forgotten how funny, dedicated, gentle and powerful she was. By the end of my program I was clean, happy, excited, had my family back and was a far greater version of myself.
I have since met my husband Andrew who is also a Graduate of the program and has been working with Narconon for over 12 years. We have a 3 ½ year old boy Thomas and I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing in my life.
I am telling you this because this program means something magical. It’s not just a place where you get clean for a bit. You can do that at pretty much any rehab. It is somewhere where you get clean and rebuild yourself, rebuild your life. It’s not just built with straw. It’s a solid brick home where you can continue to create your ideal life. Ideal is not just a dream. It’s something to move towards and achieve.
I could never have done this on my own. I would have been dead 6 years ago. I love my life, I love my job and I thank those that got me here and got me through.
Everyone knows someone who is affected by drugs to some degree. Give them the gift I wish I had 20 years ago. I will help. Whatever you need, I can help.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story. Let’s create more like this.
Kim Cunningham
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