Narconon Get Off Drugs Naturally is an non Government,  Not For Profit Organisation known as the Narconon Get Off Drugs Naturally Foundation. We operate a full Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation and Education Facility in East Warburton Victoria, Australia. Our goal is to Rehabilitate people who have become dependent on Drugs and Alcohol by using a natural non-Drug approach to handling their Addiction.


Many times when a person is withdrawing from Drugs, they are prescribed a substitute Drug to help with Withdrawal Symptoms. The person can get Addicted to that Drug and needs to go through the whole withdrawal process again at a Drug Rehab Centre without handling the mental and emotional side of the Addiction along side the physical Addiction.


Narconon Get Off Drugs Naturally was established in 2001 by Dr Nerida James N.D., a  Naturopathic Physician.Through her extensive history of practising, Dr James noticed an increasing number of her patients Drug and Alcohol effected despite using conventional methods of Rehabilitation. Drug use included such substances as Marijuana, Alcohol, Ice, Crystal Meth, Heroin, Speed,  Addictive Codeine based Painkillers, Sedatives, Benzo’s such as Xanex and Valium, Anti Depressants, Anti Psychotics etc…


Nerida James“It was at this time in the late 90’s I realised I needed a facility to send people to for detoxing and rehabilitation. I needed somewhere for people to go where they could  be released from the terrible after effects of medications and chemicals that were built up in their body and were still effecting them. They were experiencing such symptoms as tiredness, poor memory and emotional roller -coastering, poor immunity and unexplained body aches and pains. 


This began my search for a more natural approach. I began to understand we really needed a facility that could provide both vitamin and mineral therapy along with education in life skills dedicated solely to better a persons life. During my research I came across a program called ‘Narconon’. This was one of the only Drug Rehabilitation methods that offered help without the use of addictive medications to drug withdraw people off drugs. “ I decided to open my own facility using the Narconon Program as the method of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation”

Dr Nerida James N.D. opened The Narconon Get Off Drugs Naturally centre.  This has now been in existence for over 10 years as a full Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Education Program.

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