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Many Drug and Alcohol  Rehabilitation Programs are staffed by people  who don’t necessarily  have first hand experience of what it is like to have a Drug and Alcohol Addiction problem.

Most of the staff that are delivering our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program have had their own journey battling Drug and Alcohol Addiction. The majority of our team have completed the program themselves and successfully handled their own Drug and Alcohol Addiction.

They have first hand knowledge of what one is going through as an addict.

The difference with our team is that people coming to us with a Drug and Alcohol Addiction feel comfortable to open up and communicate what problem lies underneath their Addiction.

We understand, so they feel more confident that we are able to help them.

In addition we have Drug and Alcohol certified staff  on site.

We also have a Doctor that we work with closely to ensure our clients are medically fit to undertake our program.


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