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Residential Rehab

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Get Off Drugs Naturally is affiliated with over 40 centres worldwide who use the Narconon (TM) Program for its Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation method and has been operating in Australia for almost 15 years.

We are located in Warburton which is only 90 minutes drive from Melbourne and is perfectly positioned for a retreat away from everyday life.

Formerly a conference centre for State Parks and Water Authority, the property is hidden away in acres of beautiful and peaceful bushland within a National Park. This is essential  for distraction free  Rehabilitation and contributes to the success of our program.

This program is fully residential and its duration is approximately 2-3 months, sometimes longer, depending on the individual.

At the facility each room has has an en-suite and all the necessary amenities you will need in the time you are with us. There is an extensive gym which can be accessed during your stay. There is also a comfortable lounge with TV and DVD facilities. We also a marvellous bush walking track around the perimeter of the property.

We  provide 3 nutritious main meals a day which are prepared by our qualified Chef. There are also snacks available between meals. Our meals are served in our large dining room.

Staff are available 24/7 to assist with you with anything that may arise during your stay with us.

10 year addiction to Heroin. 10 years clean.

This program saved my daughters life. I am forever grateful.

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We all know too well that more and more, Addiction is becoming a condition that affects every family in every household across Australia.

You are not alone, there is a road out.

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A unique approach to drug and alcohol addiction.

Get Off Drugs Naturally is not the standard medical drug and alcohol treatment program such as the 12 step approach. We do not believe that addiction is a disease.

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