Alcohol Abuse Leads To More Diseases Than Illicit Drugs

alcohol abuse

Alcohol Abuse Leads To More Diseases Than Illicit Drugs

An analysis by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has been released examining the burden of disease of illicit drug use and alcohol abuse in Australia. The burden of disease analysis measures the combined impact of dying prematurely and of living with the disease.  It takes into account age, relative health, severity of diseases or conditions.

The study shows that 26 diseases are linked to Alcohol use (attributed to both current drinkers and former drinkers) compared to 13 diseases as a result of illicit drug use. 17% of Australians over the age of 14 consume 2 or more standard drinks a day. This may seem a small number but 17% of the population is an incredible number. Even at over 14 years old.

According to the study, alcohol is also the number one substance that is treated in health care centres such as residential rehabilitation. This may be withdraw units, rehabilitation centres or ongoing medication.

A study like this can help to predict trends in the future and give credence to creating a health care model aimed to lessen the impact of alcohol and illicit drug use. For example more attention provided to rehabilitation centres or counselling, housing and employment.

How can a study like this help to curb the effects of alcohol abuse long term?

What do you think will lessen the impact that alcohol has on society? Education may be a very important answer as a preventative tool. Not robotic ‘drugs are bad’ slogans but the real deal. Having a model that engages young people may be key. Something that gives enough information to give genuine cause for thought about potential consequences in a way that is engaging. Helping kids understand what makes up the essential components of life is another area that is paramount as well. Many finish high school without having a real idea of what integrity is or what it is to make constructive decisions in life. Academically they may be fine but what about tools towards living an ethical life.

Our drug and alcohol rehab program helps people by instilling life skills and learning what it takes to lead a more constructive life. We assist individuals by helping them to discover the true causes of their addictions.

References: Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011

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