Australia’s Love Affair with Alcohol Consumption on Public Holidays

alcohol consumption on public holidays

Australia’s Love Affair with Alcohol Consumption on Public Holidays

Another holiday is lurking around the corner and for the most part Australia is excited. Long weekend, camping, kids off school, Easter egg hunts, family and BBQ’s. Easter is short and sharp for many and the celebration can be quick and exciting. Its a fantastic time and its the last long weekend with sunshine before the long winter ahead, especially in Victoria. To dampen spirits a little, this article is to direct your attention to alcohol consumption. Particularly around these times and the general strain alcohol can have on our community.

A study was conducted by Turning Point in 2009. The study’s intent was to investigate whether alcohol related incidences increased for ambulance services and police and hospital workers around or on public holidays. It showed alarming statistics relating to surge in ambulance attendances and emergency presentations on or around New Years Eve and Australia day in particular.

Road accidents peak the day before Australia Day and Good Friday

The study also showed that serious vehicle accidents peaked the day before Australia day and on Good Friday. A surge in people hospitalised from road accidents were on Good Friday, the day before Australia Day, New Years Day and on Easter Sunday. It was unclear what caused the accidents. However the study was conducted to investigate alcohol related incidents on or around public holidays.  According to the ‘Stat Planet’ on the AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) site, alcohol related hospitalisations have  increased from 692 in 2005/06 to 1382 in 2014/15.

The latter study shows a rather alarming trend and the drain that alcohol has on public services. The nostalgic cultural representations of BBQ’s and beers and larrikins falls silently short following a reading like this as alcohol really is a killer.

This coming public holiday show some temperance. Try to relax and enjoy time with your family without the need to get off your face. Its worth it and its worth it for the peak in morale you will have at the end of this long weekend for staying sober. Its also worth it for your family and to stay safe on the roads.

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