The Benefits Of Going Interstate For A Drug And Alcohol Rehab.

Benefits of travelling interstate for a drug and alcohol rehab

The Benefits Of Going Interstate For A Drug And Alcohol Rehab.

Get Off Drugs Naturally has many clients from all over Australia and sometimes from around the globe. We are a unique 100% drug free program and the only one of its kind in Australia. Many people are willing to travel or admit their loved one to our interstate drug rehab program.  Likewise many people have not considered that it is a possibility to undergo a program interstate and have not looked at how it can actually be very therapeutic.

Here are 4 reasons why doing an interstate drug and alcohol rehab program can be beneficial.


When one is closer to where they used to score, use, make calls or meet up with drug mates then it can be more of  strain when recovering. If you are having a bad day in rehab (yes they happen) then the temptation is a little greater when you could easily discharge yourself and be up the road to score in no time. Alternately if you are away, somewhere far removed from home then the temptation may come, but the likelihood of leaving a drug and alcohol rehab to try and navigate to the nearest city is much less.


Engaging in a drug rehab program can be hard. A good drug rehab program is more than just getting away from life. It should make you look at yourself in a way that helps you make decisions about life which can be confronting. Thus there can be tricky days where it could be easy to give up and decide that you can do it on your own. Being so far away can help deter rash decisions.


The family of a drug addicted person have just been through a journey that is terribly emotional. By the time someone enters a drug and alcohol rehab program the relief can be incredible. Relief mixed with fear and anxiety that all will be okay. Family are often so exhausted by the time someone starts rehab that a period of relative quiet is incredibly restorative. A wife, husband, sibling, child, mother or father need the chance to work out their own emotions and start getting stable again. Getting the chance to spend time apart with phone contact and updates of course, can be the best thing to do.

Here at the Get Off Drugs Naturally facility we can help make the transition from another state easy. We can help arrange flights, personal pick ups from the airport and manage court appointments so that the transition is as easy and pain free for the family as possible.

Please call one of our intake coordinators today to find out how we can help arrange recovery fro yoru loved on, no matter where you are. 1300 88 7676


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