Do you need to do a drug rehabilitation program?

Do you need to do a drug rehabilitation program?

Often drug or alcohol users will try getting clean in small steps before considering a drug rehabilitation program. This may include firstly go see a doctor, try weekly counselling, do a 10 day detox, get our of town for a few days or go back home to mum and dads to try and sweat it out. Often times these methods fail, not because the person doesn’t want it badly, but just because its not ‘enough’. Overcoming an addiction is a big deal. It requires persistence and hard work. Doing that and maintaining life can be very tricky.

Here are some reasons to consider when thinking about taking the plunge and undergoing residential rehabilitation

The addiction to drugs or hanging out is not the only trigger to use. The environment can be fraught with different triggers. When your hanging out all perceptions seem to be raging. So getting on a train or in a car to go score, using the phone to call a dealer, parking somewhere regular to use like a certain quiet street can all be triggers. All those sights, sounds, places can be a part of the whole deal of using and thus are triggers. Some streets have certain smells and so being in or around that area can trigger the old anxiety. Can trigger the sweaty palms and other physical reactions. Doing a short 10 day detox and being ejected out into that environment again can be extremely challenging. Its not much of a margin for successfully staying off under those circumstances

Around those triggers it can take alot longer to overcome addiction. Biting your lip and grinning through it to try and change behaviour and habits is really tough. The benefit of going away is that you wont have to deal with all those things and without this distraction, begin to change your ways. Going away to a therapeutic environment helps a person to form new thoughts and feelings without the constant interference of trigger points. It gives the benefit of actually being away from all those things and recognising slowly, what has to change in life and what trigger points actually exist.

Its likely that the full understanding of what consequences your addiction has had on your loved ones, is not revealed until you get away and get a more objective point of view. To give your family their own chance to heal without the constant anxiety and worry is the greatest gift. For them to know you are secure and gaining stability and happiness is likely the biggest relief you can give.

Hopefully this article has given some cause to really consider entering residential rehabilitation. Going away can seem daunting. The question to ask yourself honestly, is what will it take to sincerely stop an addiction. It can require something big. A real shift to help isolate what problems you are really experiencing in life and begin to resolve them in a supported and therapeutic environment.

Please call one of our intake coordinators for more information on our residential rehabilitation program. They can help you to formulate a plan to engage in rehab services.

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