Renewed Sense Of Vitality After Detoxification Program

Drug Detoxification success

Renewed Sense Of Vitality After Detoxification Program

In our program we separate the 2 vital areas of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, the physical and the mental. We first address the physical problem of addiction. There is a very good reason to address this first. It is important to help someone become clearheaded enough to approach their mental rehabilitation, with more rational.

It is a difficult task for anyone to help another to overcome the emotional barriers of addiction when they are still groggy and numb from drug or alcohol abuse.

To address this we have a detox program that aids in flushing out the toxins left over from using. This is administered by trained staff using a dry heat sauna and vitamin therapy. When complete, people often report feeling more energetic and level headed. At this point they are ready to undergo mental rehabilitation.

Here is a recent testimonial from this phase of the program.

I no longer feel the re-stimulative effects of drugs and toxins. I feel a renewed sense of vitality and clear head. My thinking has improved greatly.

In the beginning i struggled to sleep and now I am sleeping well. I went through various stages of emotional upheaval and felt as i progressed through these feelings that I was both dealing with and healing. 

I am positive when I wake up in the morning now, I feel motivated and have a sense of self worth now, that I didn’t have before. 

I am optimistic about my future.

A.M 12 May 2018

If you would like to know more about our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, please  call one of our intake coordinators on 1300 88 7676.

This testimonial does not constitute scientific evidence that the program is successful.

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