‘On The Way To Getting My Children Back’- A Drug Rehab Testimonial

'Getting children back'- A Drug Rehabilitation Testimonial

‘On The Way To Getting My Children Back’- A Drug Rehab Testimonial

Get Off Drugs Naturally is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre situated in a Private National Park east of Melbourne. We approach rehabilitation through a series of life skills education courses and a thorough natural detox program. Our model employs the understanding that a person who is addicted has experienced discomfort, trauma or problem in some area of life before becoming addicted. Drugs or alcohol momentarily took this discomfort away and so the desire for more became a habit.

As an example, say someone felt a lack of confidence and went through life not being themselves and feeling introverted. They took a drug, like speed, and it made them feel great, confident and energetic. The problem of being self conscious wasn’t there for a few hours and so taking more become inevitable for that person. To really achieve lasting sobriety, that first set of problems need to be addressed.

The staff here at Get Off Drugs Naturally strive to help a person overcome these barriers. We help to determine what the person is having trouble with in life and tackle that problem or problems. We then offer a series of life skills education courses so that tools to make constructive decisions in life are readily available once engaging with society again.

Our graduates leave clean, purposeful and armed with more know how on how to handle potentially harmful situations.

Here is a recent testimonial from a graduate

‘When I first came to Narconon I was a complete mess. I had lost my children and my family. Now completing the Narconon Program I feel amazing. I have my family back, I’m on the way to getting my children back, I have more stable emotions, clarity of mind, strengthened immune system, improved health and well being. I now also have the ability to keep my attention in present time.

I know I will be able to take this new found ability out into the world with me. Ill be able to apply it in my work, in my relationships, in my parents groups, children’s sporting groups, when I’m facing crisis, you I’m having fun or when I’m bored. I can bring moment to moment awareness to all aspects of life acutely aware of what is happening when it is happening. Experiencing the full sweep of existence wholeheartedly.’

T.A 15/4/2018


This testimonial doesn’t constitute scientific evidence that the program is successful

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