Ecstasy, What’s Really In It For You?

Ecstasy, What’s Really In It For You?

Ecstasy, what’s really in it for you?

Ecstasy, also referred to as E, MDMA or Molly is one of the most frequently used drugs at parties, night clubs, raves or music festivals. In fact, it is known as the world’s best-selling party drug. This is despite the fact that across the world there’s an increasing number of Ecstasy-related deaths. Unfortunately, there is a misleading amount of trust placed on the source of this drug, which has been notorious for having unknown and dangerous chemicals being used in its production.

Ecstasy’s popularity stems from it’s hallucinogenic and simulating effect, as well as the illusionary feelings of strong affection for others. Ecstasy also has an impact on the senses, leading to the perception of being able to “see” music or “hear” lights – making parties, night clubs, raves or music festivals the ideal atmosphere for stimulating these effects. “E” also creates a desire to dance, producing an artificial amount of energy for hours of dancing – often leading to overheating and dehydration.

Negative side-effects of use

The combination of dehydration and ecstasy use can present the added risk of overhydration as MDMA actually causes the body to retain water at a cellular level. The voracious consumption of water whilst under the effects of ecstasy can result in hospitalization or possibly death due to the development of a condition known as hyponatremia, in which the ratio of water and sodium in your blood is thrown out of balance.

This drug also causes clenching and tightness of the jaw, sometimes to the point of causing damage to the teeth. Some users opt for biting on a dummy in an attempt to prevent damage.

Despite overheating, a user may find that they are unable to sweat, whilst also experiencing intense nausea. Some may collapse from a very high fever then die from organ breakdown.

For some users of “E” there will be the after effect of feeling depressed, lingering over several days. This tends to lead to craving the drug again in an attempt to alleviate the depression.

By choosing to take ecstasy you not only risk your wellbeing, but also your safety, as it has the effect of lowering your ability to make safe decisions – this includes decision making around the use of other drugs and/or alcohol, or those affectionate feelings leaving you vulnerable to an unwanted sexual encounter.

If you’re feeling trapped in a cycle of ecstasy use there is a natural, effective and safe drug rehabilitation program available for you. The Narconon drug rehab program in Melbourne offers a unique method of overcoming addiction for the person who has tried other rehabs and failed or for the person seeking help for the first time. Find out how Get Off Drugs Naturally can help someone you care about, including yourself. Call 1-300 887676 today for all the details.

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