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This is a list of questions commonly asked about Get Off Drugs Naturally Rehab and the answers to those questions. If you have questions that don’t appear here, please submit them on the form on the right as part of your enquiry and we will promptly contact you with the answer.

Q. What is Get Off Drugs Naturally Drug Rehab?

A. Get Off Drugs Naturally Drug Rehab is a Residential Treatment Centre for Drug and Alcohol Addiction  which uses the Narconon (TM) Program as its model for Treatment . It is a 100% Drug Free Treatment Program which fully addresses the physical, emotional, and educational needs of attaining lasting recovery.

Q. How did the Narconon (TM) Drug Rehab Program start?

A. Narconon (TM) was founded in 1966 by William Benitez, a Heroin Addict who was incarcerated in the Arizona State Prison for a long series of Drug-related crimes. He wanted to resolve his Addiction and through personal research into Treatment for Drug Addiction came across a book called Fundamentals of Thought, written by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. He was able to use the principals contained in this book  to improve his ability to communicate about, face up to, and resolve basic life problems that had contributed to his Drug Addiction and held it in place for many years. Impressed with the effectiveness of this information as it related to Drug Addiction, William Benitez  then went onto develop a workable Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program that would free people from Drug Addiction without the use of substitute Drugs or Medications. He named this Drug Rehabilitation Program the Narconon (TM) Program.

Q. How is the Get Off Drugs Naturally Drug Rehab Program different from other Drug Treatment Programs?

A. The Get Off Drugs Naturally Drug Treatment Program is unique in several ways. Most Treatment Centres use a combination of 12-step recovery and group therapy in an effort to handle Drug/Alcohol Addiction. The Get Off Drugs Naturally Drug Treatment Program addresses three (3) areas that are not intensively treated in more traditional programs.

These areas are:

Physical Detoxification- Long-term use of Addictive Drugs can cause an accumulation of Drug residues and metabolites in the body. These residues can remain in the body for years, causing Drug and Alcohol cravings and Drug-induced depression. Get Off Drugs Naturally uses a method of Detoxification helps remove these residues, resulting in an individual who is free of the harmful physical effects of mind-altering Drugs.

Life Skills-Many people do not realize that some of the most common abilities and skills which they use everyday are not instinctual, but are learned. The Get Off Drugs Naturally Drug Rehab Program gives heavy emphasis to life-skills training. Some of the areas addressed are communication skills, study skills and applying ethical principles in everyday life. The result is a person more comfortable with his life and less likely to be overwhelmed by it. There are a number of therapeutic procedures unique to the Get Off Drugs Naturally Drug Rehab Program. These therapies are designed to free a person from the guilt, remorse and regret of past actions, and to restore the self-control that is inevitably sacrificed when a person becomes Addicted to Drugs.

Q. How long does it take to complete the Get Off Drugs Naturally Drug Rehab Program?

A. The Get Off Drugs Naturally Drug Rehab Program is usually completed in three to six months, though the program can take longer for some people. Each person is different and each case is treated on an individual basis.  The Get Off Drugs Naturally Program is based on results and not on time spent in Rehab, and as such, time spent on the program can and does vary with the persons own needs and progress.

Q. What types of people are treated at Get Off Drugs Naturally Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

A. People from all walks of life including tradespeople, professionals, mothers and fathers, students, celebrities, musicians and artists from all over the world come to our facility for Treatment. Ages range from 18-65.

Q. What does the Get Off Naturally Drug Rehab Program cost?

A. In general terms, the cost of the our program is comparable to or less than other privately funded Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs. Contact one of our Intake Counsellors for more information regarding this.

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