Once you have spoken with one of our Intake Coordinators, an Assessment will be done to determine if our Treatment is suitable for you or your loved one. This is completely confidential. At this time we can also determine whether an intervention is needed.

We encourage family members to be involved in this process

Here are the steps to enrolment

1. Contact one of our Intake Coordinators by calling 1300 88 7676 or by filling in our online enquiry form

2. Confidential phone consultation to assess the situation and arrange an assessment or an intervention

3. A comprehensive Assessment is then done either by phone or at the centre depending on logistics.  This will determine if our program is the correct program option for that person.

4. Assuming this is the case, our Intake Coordinators will then brief you on the fee schedule and enrol the person to start our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program. We understand that these things can’t wait and we will endeavour to get the person started as soon as possible.

5. Due to the fact that this is a live-in Program, we will assist you to make all necessary arrangements regarding current life commitments and all logistics will be addressed such as transportation, family liaison, and any pending Court issues if necessary.

We want to ensure that you start the program completely distraction free.





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