Perhaps a family member or a friend has a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and you’re worried about them.

You may have watched them encounter depression or face problems with their health, work, university, with money, or even an accident because of Substance Abuse. You may also feel scared, angry, hurt, confused, depressed or may feel very alone.

Know this!  “You are not alone”    Many people struggle with the exact same problem as you.

People sometimes engage in self-destructive behaviour, rejecting any assistance others may offer.

INTERVENTION, when done correctly, is extremely effective in helping people accept help.


An Intervention is the process of meeting with a person with the purpose of getting them to agree to get help. As one gets lost in the cycle of Addiction their judgement has a tendency to get clouded. This may manifest (show) itself as a lack of awareness of the problem within themselves and the effect they have on others around them. The person may actually think that “nobody knows they are using,” while it is completely evident to those around them.

When an Intervention is conducted by an Intervention Coordinator the family is firstly consulted and educated on how the Addicted person is destroying themselves and the people around them. We also educate the family on why the person is behaving in such a destructive manner. Each situation is addressed according to the particular needs of the individual and of their family.

A properly conducted Intervention could possibly end with the person not only recognizing there is a problem, but also agreeing to do something about their issue.

If Intervention is something you need, our Intake Coordinator can organise an Intervention for your loved one.




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