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If you or someone you know is Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol, we are here to help.

For immediate assistance you can call 1300 88 7676 or complete the online assessment form below and one of our Intake Counsellors will contact you shortly.

If you have security concerns:

Unless required by law, the information you provide here will not be disclosed to any other agency and will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and privacy. However, if you are concerned about filling out the online assessment below, please contact us and we will arrange a phone consultation.



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10 year addiction to Heroin. 10 years clean.

This program saved my daughters life. I am forever grateful.

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We all know too well that more and more, Addiction is becoming a condition that affects every family in every household across Australia.

You are not alone, there is a road out.

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A unique approach to drug and alcohol addiction.

Get Off Drugs Naturally is not the standard medical drug and alcohol treatment program such as the 12 step approach. We do not believe that addiction is a disease.

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