‘I Would Often Push People I Loved Away……’ A Get Off Drugs Testimonial

Drug Detoxification success

‘I Would Often Push People I Loved Away……’ A Get Off Drugs Testimonial

One of the educational components of our program is to help our students learn how to maintain positive relationships. Family, friends and work colleagues are some of the connections we need to keep in good health. Many people come to us with broken relationships with those they have broken a bond of trust with.

We also help to search and discover who in their life has been a source of ill will. Perhaps a drug using buddy or even an old friend who they keep getting into trouble with. Its pretty vital to recognise trouble areas in order to lay a safe platform for sober living, without the possibility of relapsing.

Often times our students realise that they have indeed caused much conflict in relationships with those around them as opposed to being a victim and blaming others. This discovery can be a real catalyst for a change of behaviour. Once you have realised your own behaviour has caused someone to act antagonistically toward you then you have a chance to make changes and improve unhealthy behavioural patterns. Our students learn how to communicate more effectively to get things done and to resolve problems.

Here is a recent testimonial from this phase of our program

‘By analysing the social and anti social characteristics of the people in my life I was also able to take a look at myself and understood more about why people do the things they do. Good or bad. I had realised that while I was using drugs, I would often push people I loved away or do things that would push themselves away from me. Not in an effort to hurt them, but to save me from hurting them anymore.

I opened communication with the people in my life who I have antagonised with my drug use or who have antagonised me, with a clear intention of handling the situation and whether I wanted them in my life or not. Every person I handled I would consider the outcome to be a success.

It is clear what I want in life and any action destructive or otherwise, which may deviate me from that path needed to be confronted now and when they arise in the future.’


This testimonial does not constituent scientific evidence that the program is successful

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