Ice Addiction and Treatment

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Ice Addiction and Treatment

Ice Addiction is rapidly becoming an epidemic in our society. Some Ice Users report having become Addicted to this Drug from their first use. Ice or Crystal Meth is one of the hardest Drugs to quit and users rarely do so without Treatment and Drug Rehabilitation. Ice users range in ages from 15 to 50.

Ice doesn’t discriminate.

Ice is made here in Australia using very crude methods. Its main ingredient is pseudoephedrine (found in medications like ‘Sudafed’) and other harsh chemicals are extracted from substances such as drain cleaner, fertiliser, ether, lighter fluid or hydrochloric acid. All of these can to make up the chemical compounds that make Ice.

The major problem that society is facing with Ice Addiction or Crystal Meth Addiction is that after some time of using it, it can create intense paranoia and a heightened sense of rage. The user feels that the most normal situation such as a person glancing in their direction is really a provocation of some kind and they can become violent or paranoid. This leads to the unprovoked violence which associated with the use of this Drug.

When the family and friends of the ice user call for help, many report feeling threatened by their loved one or see that they are becoming a threat to other people around them with their paranoia’s and heightened emotions. Consequently Ice is the main Drug of choice of individuals on the program which has now overtaken heroin or alcohol in the ratio

Locally the Lilydale Leader and The Upper Yarra Mail and more broadly the Age newspaper have all have all run recent articles on the Drug Ice and the havoc being wrought on families and communities. What may have once been a ‘city Drug’ has now spread across all suburban and rural areas.

Ice or Crystal Meth is usually smoked in glass pipes, but it can be snorted, injected and swallowed.

Effects include –


•Increased energy and alertness

•Diarrhoea and nausea

•Excessive sweating

•Loss of appetite, insomnia, tremors, jaw-clenching

•Agitation, irritability, talkativeness, panic, violence, confusion

•Increased blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, blood sugar levels and constriction of the walls of the arteries

Effects of chronic use –

•Brain damage

•Sensation of flesh crawling resulting in picking at skin causing scabs.

•Paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, tension headache

•Muscle breakdown leading to kidney damage or failure

•Death due to stroke, cardiac arrest or elevated body temperature (hypothermia)

Ice Addiction can be handled with the right kind of Drug Rehab Treatment therapies.

If you recognise any of the signs or symptoms described above in a loved one or friend, help is available at

Get Off Drugs Naturally Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

Please call our Help Line – 1300 88 76 76

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