Drug Information

Accurate Drug Information is Key to Preventing Drug Use and Abuse

“Marijuana is harmless.” “Just one tablet can’t hurt.” ” I just like to party on the weekends” “I only use Drugs recreationally, I’m not Addicted”

Yet studies show that long term Marijuana use can lead to memory loss, respiratory,  immune system problems and psychosis.

We hear on the news reports of  teenagers and or young adults who have died after taking just one Ecstasy tablet.

The above quotes regarding Drugs gets passed from person to person and weaves its way into our society. Then one night it is your child that is rushed by ambulance to hospital after taking a Drug they thought was safe.

Arm yourself with information – educate yourself about the signs, symptoms and side effects of all the Drugs.

Accurate information about the signs, symptoms and side effects of Drugs is the key to Drug Prevention and successful recovery from Addiction. We’ve seen the positive response to this information from people who attend our Get Off Drugs Naturally Seminars and the people who experience our Drug Rehabilitation Program.


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