Intervention can help your addicted loved one

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Intervention can help your addicted loved one

An Intervention can honestly be the difference between life and death for a drug addict or an alcoholic. Not every person needing rehab is going to initially jump at the chance to get clean and handle issues that drove them towards their addiction.

Some addicts or alcoholics have been so badly beaten and battered by their lifestyle that they grab the first opportunity presented to them and are ready to deal with their problems. Others, however, need help and direction in order to even see that they are hurting themselves and the people around them. People like their mothers, desperate to find a solution and to get them some help before it’s too late…

How are we different?

This is where we can help. We understand the addict. We know what it takes to persuade someone that drugs are not the only solution. The Narconon program is unique. It is not just about replacing one drug with another. We don’t believe an addict is an addict for life. We use 100% drug free methods and our Life Skills courses can help the addict learn how to remain drug free.

An intervention is where we come to you. We speak to your loved one on your behalf. Through experience we know what they are going through and therefore, know what it takes to get them to see there’s a way out. We can help. Call now to book an interventionist – 1300 88 7676

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