Overcoming Heroin Addiction

Overcoming heroin addiction

Overcoming Heroin Addiction

Overcoming heroin addiction can be tough as it is so addictive physically, but it is absolutely possible to get over the drug. For some it can take a while for the natural rhythm of the body to  transition to a healthy state. Initially heroin withdrawal can cause insomnia for some in the first stages of coming off. It is the opposite feeling of being on the drug which is why many users are afraid of the withdrawal process and seem to never come off. Once this hurdle has passed we often see renewed sense of purpose from the former user and morale for making it through this initial phase.

Heroin is so addictive because it gives the user an instant rush of comfort and ease. It spreads through  body and gives a very relaxed feeling. Any concerns the user had are momentarily dissipated while the drug takes hold and numbs any physical or emotional pain or anguish. Alternately coming off heroin makes you feel very awake and tetchy. Perception of reality is stark and uncomfortable. It can create an in tense feeling of loneliness and introversion along with the physical pain.

It is therefore important to give the body as much nutrition and nourishment as possible to ease withdrawal symptoms and replenish what heroin use has stripped away. We can help you or your loved one come off heroin in a supported environment and on the road to a sober and stable life.

Here is a recent program testimonial from a graduate who was addicted to heroin.

When my saviour Rita bought me here 4 months ago I was and felt dead. The withdrawal was the usual horror, this time with interest, averaged 4 hours sleep for the first 6 weeks. Progress was slow at first.

While here I have rediscovered interest in and love for myself and the world and also regained hope. I feel very clam and present and confident that I can face the challenges I have. I feel reborn.

I have had a wonderful time at Narconon and haven’t laughed this much for a very long time.’

          B.H 20 Feb 2018

If you would like to know more about how we help people withdraw and rehabilitate from heroin please call 1300 88 7676. We can offer a free and confidential assessment and make a plan for recovery.



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