Feeling Clean After The Sauna Program- A Drug Rehab Testimonial

Feeling better after the sauna program

Feeling Clean After The Sauna Program- A Drug Rehab Testimonial

The first 2 steps of our drug and alcohol rehab program helps to address the effects that drugs have had on the body. Firstly we use a drug free withdrawal model to withdraw someone off their drug or alcohol of choice. Following the drug free withdrawal we help to rid the body of the accumulated toxins from drug and alcohol use. This is achieved through a dry heat sauna along with vitamin therapy to help draw the toxins out. On completion of the sauna program (the ‘New Life Detoxification Program’) our clients often report they feel clean and more energetic. We find its much easier to help someone address their drug history and make rational decisions about their future when they are freer of the harmful effects of drug toxins.

Here are some recent testimonials from the New Life Detoxification Program.

‘The day I started sauna I was feeling shit. As days went by, I was feeling better and better each day. After being in the sauna for over two weeks I realised toxins were coming out of my body and now being out of sauna I feel clean from drugs, bad foods and I feel awesome. I see clearer and skin has cleared up.’

G. A  17.2.2018

‘I am M.S and I am of sound mind and body as I write these words. I feel that I am now able to take control of my body and make it my slave. I’m more confident and my mind is sharper. I also feel a willingness to stay away from narcotics and people that use drugs.

I wish to live a life of purity and productivity to which I know cant be done with drugs in my life. The sauna made all this a reality for me.’

M.S 23/2/2018

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