Signs That Someone You Love Could Be Using Ice

signs of ice use

Signs That Someone You Love Could Be Using Ice

We have written many blogs about using ice and tried to keep the public informed about the drug and what effects it has on the person, family and society. Ice does keep rearing its head though. It is still the number one drug of choice for people engaging in our rehabilitation service.

We wish to highlight the effect that ice has on the body and give people a better chance determining if someone they know is using ice.

When categorising the drug, officially ice is a stimulant. This simply means that when ice is used there are a series of chemical reactions that take place in the body which speeds the metabolism and the messages between brain and body quicken. Here are some of the effects of ice.

An increased feeling of energy

Faster heart rate

Wide awake

High energy levels

Sometimes Euphoria or a good feeling

Hardly no or no appetite

How someone may behave on ice after some days using it or over a longer period of time

Stimulants in general make the pupils bigger as opposed to opiates that make pinhole pupils. After sometime of using ice the person may behave in an agitated way or display paranoia about things that are not there or paranoia about how others are communicating with them. They may perceive something entirely different than what is there. As a result they may display menacing behaviour as they feel threatened in some way. For example its not uncommon for an ice user to think someone is recording them or following them. They may think that you have planted a camera in their room or bugged their mobile phone.

People on ice can stay up for days so the responses just described can be a result no sleep or can be the result of years of use. These effects may be present almost all the time or just sometimes making it pretty confusing for a family member as you may not be sure if what you are seeing is real. As with most drugs, people dont want to come off ice as the come down can sink one into depression and a long slumber. The desire to keep using is strong as they dont want to come down and experience these unpleasant emotions.

When to talk to an ice user about help

To get help for an ice user you need to pick your time and place well. There is no real set rule but the best time is when they seem more pliable, like they are willing to communicate on a level that is not confrontational. It is also good to do it somewhere where you feel you can talk with more confidence and will not back down. At home with another family member for example. At this point you can absolutely be honest and tell them what you have seen and that you haveĀ  desire to get them some help. You have every right to do this. Many people are scared of doing this for fear of rocking the boat and end up walking on egg shells. In this case often nothing happens as the person is not given consequences.

Be honest without being antagonistic. Keep the hand of support there but don’t be manipulated. Please call us, we are here to help. We can help map out a plan and talk to you about the next steps. Help is possible. 1300 88 7676


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