The Sporadic Drug and Alcohol User

The Sporadic Drug and Alcohol User

The Sporadic Drug and Alcohol User

The decision to enter a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program can be a big one. There are many options available including; deciding which Drug and Alcohol Treatment model to undertake, What location and one of the biggest questions for a Drug or Alcohol user, How long is the program. Before all of this can be addressed though, the main question to ask is ‘does the person themselves feel they have a Drug or Alcohol problem?‘

There are still many problems associated with sporadic Drug Use as with a Drug User that uses Drugs or Alcohol everyday. Sporadic Drug and Alcohol Abuse could be defined as someone that doesn’t use Drugs or Alcohol everyday but that still uses Drugs regularly and often excessively. The Drug and Alcohol User may not use everyday but can still manifest the same symptoms of a regular user. They can be aggressive, possibly abandon their children emotionally or physically, cause troubled relationships with their loved ones, and can tend to act withdrawn and look unhealthy. There is no particular type of Drug or Alcohol that discriminates a sporadic Drug and Alcohol User- the Drugs reported to our Intake Councillors range from Ice, Crystal Meth, Alcohol, Prescription Medication, Marijuana, Heroin, excessive partying on uppers such as Ecstasy, MDMA, GBH and Speed to name just a few.


Often when a loved one or the Drug and Alcohol User themselves talk to a Drug and Alcohol worker, they will determine how long a user should spend in a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre or what kind of treatment they should undergo based on the persons usage, how much a day, for how long. There are always considerations given to the mental health of the individual, medical history etc. This information is vital for any Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program to make a valid plan for the person recovering,  however it can exclude something very important when attempting to engage a person into a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program.  Often these questions still do not catch the persons real Addictions or problems in life.


These assessments can often give a sporadic Drug and Alcohol User an excuse not to get help as given how much they use, they could be determined as not a heavy user. For example some people can go all week without drinking. They will work, carry out daily tasks and generally maintain some parts of life so they feel they do not have a major problem. Although someone may go through some days without using Drugs or Drinking Alcohol they will do so excessively when they binge. This habitual and weekly roller coaster has real and major consequences across the persons life, with family or their children and general obligations even though its ‘only on the weekend’ or a few days of the week. Likewise with an Ice User, they may spend 4 days of the week off Ice but once Thursday or Friday comes around, they use Ice or Crystal Meth to excess all weekend long.

It can be a difficult task to help people realise that although they have a job and they do fulfill some of their obligations in life that their problem is very real. It can be a familiar excuse for sporadic Drug and Alcohol Users to maintain that they are not like other Drug and Alcohol Users or ‘junkies’ and so they are ‘not like that’. Many people have a misconception that only heavy every day Drug and Alcohol Users who have lost everything need to seek significant help.

The Intake Councillors at Get Off Drugs Naturally speak to many family members of Drug or Alcohol Users who call and ask for Drug Rehab advise. A common problem that families relay is that they feel helpless as their loved one still has employment, doesn’t steal money, appears to be doing well financially however they see that Drugs and Alcohol are really effecting them in other ways or they can see that things are worsening slowly. Consequently they feel they cannot encourage them to get help, as they haven’t admitted that they have Drug and Alcohol problem. Perhaps they have even attempted communication or even an assessment with a Councillor and the situation became explosive or hostile.


The real question that a Drug and Alcohol worker or a Drug and Alcohol Councillor should ask when assessing someone is: Does this person need help in finding out how the Drug or Alcohol problem is affecting that their life? How are relationships with friends and family or spouse? Has the condition of their work deteriorated? Are they taking care of their family and if they have children, are they being  loving parents? How is their mood? Are they satisfied with their behavior in life? How does their life compare to the goals they once had? Has their integrity been compromised? The most important question to ask is: Are they afraid that things are going to get worse if they don’t do anything about it? So it is not enough to just ask ‘Do you want help?’ as more often than not, they will say no without getting the help to inspect their life honestly.
It is important for the Drug and Alcohol Councillor to push the necessary buttons to get an in-depth understanding of the persons life.  The chances of getting the Drug or Alcohol User to ask for help will improve markedly.


The intake counselors at Get Off Drugs Naturally Drug Rehab Centre have a lot of experience when dealing with situations like this. They can help a person by getting them to look at their life and the effects that their sporadic Drug or Alcohol usage is really having not only on themselves but the people around them. They will help the person to look at what will happen if they continue on this road and what life could be like if they went to rehab.

If you are in a situation like this then please call one of our Intake Councillors today to discuss how we can help.

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