Talking About Addiction

Talking About Addiction

Having an addiction can be a very isolating experience as it tends to bring with it feelings of shame, guilt, hopelessness and helplessness. It also often involves some kind of mental health related experiences such as depression, anxiety, body image issues, stress, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and grieving. These are the types of experiences that we all want to avoid. It is a human tendency to want to experience pleasure over pain, which is where alcohol and drugs come into play. The use of these substances may start off innocently, on the odd social occasion for example, but can rapidly become something that is depended upon to bring relief and escape from daily struggles.

Unfortunately, the way that drug and alcohol addicts are portrayed in the media and entertainment industries tends to perpetuate negative opinions, judgement and attitudes within the general public, when what is really needed is understanding and a non-judgmental approach. As a starting point, it is important to get an idea of how most addicts perceive their situation, what their beliefs are. Following are the four most common beliefs of an addict:

  1. I am an intrinsically bad and unworthy person.
  2. Nobody could ever love the real me.
  3. No on will ever be able to fulfil my needs, so I must fulfil them myself.
  4. The addictive substance is my greatest need.

Relief from these beliefs is found in the altered and numbed state that drugs can provide. This feeling of relief becomes their priority.

If you can offer a person the opportunity to be seen for who they truly are, underneath the addiction, and without judgement, it will allow for them to be open to communication. It provides a path for them to take the steps in moving forward and to begin expressing their experiences, thoughts and emotions.

Remember: Addiction is a temporary behaviour that has embedded itself in their life. PEOPLE ARE NOT THEIR ADDICTIONS.

Here at the Narconon Get Off Drugs Naturally facility east of Melbourne we can make access to help easy for you. So if you, or someone that you care about, has had their life taken over by addiction and you would like to find out about how our natural approach to drug rehabilitation works, please call us on 1300 88 7676.


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