The Dreaded Withdrawal

The Dreaded Withdrawal

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can be such a daunting experience that people will do anything to avoid it. In fact it would appear to be an easier option to continue with the addiction rather than face the withdrawal symptoms. More often than not, most addicts have attempted to cease the use of drugs and alcohol on their own. Unfortunately they may only get through the first day or so because the withdrawal symptoms are too much to bear.  Through our natural approach particularly in the Withdrawal Phase, symptoms one would anticipate and dread, are lessoned with the support of specific vitamins and mineral designed to assist someone through withdrawals and our Withdrawal Specialist guiding and supporting them through this phase. We spoke with Eric leading up to his admission and he was extremely anxious about not having a drink and how he would get through the initial phase. Read his story below. Even he was surprised and relieved.

“I seemed to not have many problems withdrawing from the constant need for alcohol. The first few nights I had sleep problems (which has been a major reason I drink), but this seems to have gone (the sleep problems) over four nights. To me, this is the main success. That I don’t feel I have to drink to sleep”.

– Eric C

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