Narconon Get Off Drugs Naturally is not the standard medical Drug and Alcohol Program such as the 12 step approach. We do not believe that Addiction is a disease.  What we have found is that Drug and Alcohol Abuse, have become a solution to an unresolved problem, and that Drugs numb the pain associated with that problem.

Our program takes a holistic approach which encompasses all aspects the persons lifestyle.

Our Drug and Alcohol Program is not a quick fix.

We believe that from this perspective, a person no longer relying on Drug Use to handle their issues, is far more achievable than a quick fix band-aid, which does not have any long term reliability.

Our Drug and Alcohol Program addresses both the physical,  and emotional aspects of Addiction, without the use of medication to solve the problems caused by Drugs. This is achieved by firstly using a natural Withdraw and Detox method to assist in eliminating the Cravings for Drugs and Alcohol. Once this has been accomplished, we then address the emotional issues by having  our residents complete a series of life education steps.

The person recovering from their Addiction then starts to develop new resources and life skills that equip them to resolve problems, without having to succumb to the numbing effects of Drugs and Alcohol.

Rather than being a straight medical program, addressing only the physical connections of Addiction, The Narconon Program’s approach to solving the problems connected with Substance Abuse, could be considered as a holistic, social education model.

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