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By the time our services have been requested, the family has been through a lot. We do everything possible to make a smooth transition into Treatment. Throughout the program we keep the family updated regularly on how their loved one is progressing on their road to overcoming their Drug/Alcohol Addiction.  We give you reassurance by addressing and answering any questions you may have about your loved one. We also give support and assistance throughout the program on how to deal with someone who has been in this Dwindling Spiral of Addiction, and help work through any issues that may arise during Treatment. We have a staff member dedicated solely to looking after and consulting with families.

A persons Drug Abuse affects family and friends negatively, however, as their loved one moves through the Rehabilitation process, the family starts to experience relief, hope  and confidence that a brighter future is within reach. We believe in not only getting  people off Drugs and their need to take them, we also think it is important, and necessary, to rebuild their  lives and relationships, back to before the Drug Addiction began.


Get Off Drugs Naturally can assist with pending Court issues. We can arrange liaison with a Lawyer if assistance is required with regard to any Legal issues.

We have long advocated that the Courts need to be involved in an Addicts Rehabilitation as an alternative to Incarceration.  Providing the person truly wants to Rehabilitate we will then endeavor to assist by liaising with Lawyers, Corrections and the Courts. In this case we would recommend the person to participate in our Drug Rehabilitation Program as an alternative solution to a jail sentence. This of course would also depend on the outcome our own full assessment of the person.

In order for the your loved one to resume a healthy and productive life Drug-Free, all aspects of their Addiction needs to be fully addressed, including any pending Legal situations.

Assessment and Interview

If we are contacted by someone who is currently in jail but intends on enrolling in a Drug Rehabilitation Program when they are released, our interview and assessment can be conducted over the phone.

If an Addiction related crime has been committed and the person is on remand and seeking Rehabilitation, then our interview and assessment can also be arranged and conducted over the phone.

We find that offenders who are looking to gain Rehabilitation only to avoid a jail sentence obtain uncertain results in a Drug Rehabilitation Program. It is vital that we ensure they have a genuine desire to handle their Drug Addiction. Therefore, it is necessary that we conduct a full interview and assessment to establish this. Our staff are highly skilled in dealing with people that have offended due to Drug Addiction.

Many families question whether helping someone avoid a  jail sentence is the right thing to do. Our staff can help families understand the offender’s Rehabilitation alternatives in comparison with sentencing.

Our Legal Liaison Officer provides necessary reports so the Solicitor can prepare for future Court dates. This winning formula has made all the difference in the alternative sentence disposition of most cases.

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