Life Education


At this point in the program our clients are referred to as students because they are learning new life skills


Objectives Course

Drugs and Alcohol often stick a persons attention on past bad experiences. Through a series of cognitive therapy exercises a person’s consciousness is brought more and more into their present time environment. This course is aimed at improving the communication and perception of the student. It increases awareness and helps the student be more in control and in better communication with their current environment.

Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life Course

The lifestyle of a Drug Addict is filled with negative associations and influences that perpetuate the Addict’s use of Drugs. This course enables students to evaluate the characteristics and personal qualities that make one a constructive or destructive person to associate with. It also provides methods for handling personal instability brought about by acquaintance with destructive intentions. It gives the necessary knowledge to achieve greater personal stability and happiness in life. The student learns the characteristics of the social personality as well as the antisocial personality so he can spot the difference and better choose friends and associates in the future.

Personal Values Course

When one is Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol an individual can easily lose sight of right and wrong. They can quite often commit destructive actions out of desperation. The Drugs are driving them because they are in a dwindling spiral of Addiction.

This is the part of the program that starts to move the student away from blaming others for their condition and take responsibility for their own actions.

This course teaches the value of honesty and allows one to regain their personal integrity through an examination of past harmful actions and an acceptance of responsibility for these. This gives the student a huge sense of relief  and restores the persons ability to make positive choices in the future.

Changing Conditions in Life Course

A recovering Drug Addict needs to know HOW to actually deal with problems and stresses in life in order to not relapse and to stay clean.

This course teaches the student simple formulas for resolving life’s difficulties. It  makes the student aware of how their Drug Addiction has effected their friends, family, and their community, in a negative way. The student is then assisted on a one on one basis to put together a tailored plan to repair the damage they have caused to others.


Using these formulas, the person now has the ability to function as a contributing member of their family, friends and community.

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