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Sauna Detox


Detox is much more than Withdrawing or drying out. Detox means to assist in removing the toxins (poisons) from a body. Detox is a major first step in our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program. Get Off Drugs Naturally has a unique detox program.

How many recovering Addicts or Alcoholics have relapsed just when their life was beginning to get better? Physical Drug cravings create unconscious desires to revert to Drugs. Willpower, vitamins, herbs, cleansing, hypnotism etc. can’t fully end physical Drug cravings-Only a full Detox Program can. Handling physical cravings alone isn’t enough to cure Addiction.

The New Life Detoxification Program utilises a combination of Exercise, sweating in a  Dry Heat Sauna, Vitamins and Minerals that may assist in releasing these Drug residuals from the persons body.

The Sauna Detoxification program can produce the following results:

  • Reduction of Drug and Alcohol Cravings.
  • Reduction of many symptoms associated with Drug Addiction and Alcoholism. These can include depression, irritability, and fatigue.
  • Ability to think more clearly.
  • Improved memory and attention span.
  • Increased energy.
  • Increased sense of well being.
  • Enthusiasm toward Life.

With this step completed, a person often says they feel like they felt before they started using Drugs and that they have their life back.



A major cause of Relapse is due to physical Cravings for Drugs or Alcohol.

Some Drug and Alcohol  Rehab and Detox Centres  believe that full detox is complete when the person has dried out or the Drug is not actively influencing the person in a week or less. Often a new Drug is prescribed at the same time creating a new chemical Dependence on Drugs such as Sedatives, Sleeping drugs. Antidepressants, Xanex, Oxy-contin, Anti-anxiety Drugs or Anti-psychotics.

An Alcoholic or Drug Addict doesn’t have to fight Addiction for life, an effective Drug and Alcohol Rehab program can do a lot to break the chains of Addiction.

Detox should end the physical Cravings for Drugs and Alcohol. Incomplete Detox leaves a person with involuntary Drug Cravings. The truth is: Detox is rarely if ever properly done!


Our sauna Detox helps to remove the physical cravings for Drugs and Alcohol however, guilt and depression can also drive the Drug user/ Alcoholic back to using Drugs and Alcohol in order to turn-off these unbearable feelings.

People that have a problem with Drug and Alcohol Addiction also need to address the causes of their guilt and depression. Detox may remove the physical Drug and Alcohol cravings but does not address the sources of the guilt and depression.

Therefore, Detox should be followed by a Drug Rehab Program which gets to the root of why the Drug Addict or Alcoholic is using drugs. The Get Off Drugs Naturally Program accomplishes this through a comprehensive series of life improvement courses. These help a person to get back in control of their life and gives them stability and new found abilities to be able to lead a productive and happy life.

10 year addiction to Heroin. 10 years clean.

This program saved my daughters life. I am forever grateful.

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We all know too well that more and more, Addiction is becoming a condition that affects every family in every household across Australia.

You are not alone, there is a road out.

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A unique approach to drug and alcohol addiction.

Get Off Drugs Naturally is not the standard medical drug and alcohol treatment program such as the 12 step approach. We do not believe that addiction is a disease.

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