Sauna Detox


Detox is much more than Withdrawing or drying out. Detox means to assist in removing the toxins (poisons) from a body. Detox is a major first step in our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program. Get Off Drugs Naturally has a unique detox program.

How many recovering Addicts or Alcoholics have relapsed just when their life was beginning to get better? Physical Drug cravings create unconscious desires to revert to Drugs. Willpower, vitamins, herbs, cleansing, hypnotism etc. can’t fully end physical Drug cravings-Only a full Detox Program can. Handling physical cravings alone isn’t enough to cure Addiction.

The New Life Detoxification Program utilises a combination of Exercise, sweating in a  Dry Heat Sauna, Vitamins and Minerals that may assist in releasing these Drug residuals from the persons body.



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