Drugs and Alcohol burn off reserves of vitamins and minerals in the body in connection with horrific Withdrawal symptoms ranging from muscular aches and pains, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, sweats, paranoia etc. These aches, pains and discomforts will often stop a person from getting clean.

Our Drug – free withdraw saturates the body with these missing vitamins and minerals that have been depleted whilst the person is withdrawing off the Drugs.

There are several phases that address the destruction caused by Addiction. First, a person must find relief from the intense cravings that overwhelm their ability to think rationally and then they can start learning a new pattern of survival, step by step.



Phase 1:

Before starting our Drug Rehabilitation and Education Program at Get Off Drugs Naturally all clients are required to visit a medical Doctor and receive medical clearance to undergo our Drug-free Withdrawal phase. In most cases a Drug- free Withdrawal approach is completely safe however.  The effects of some Drugs can be so severe that a medical detox is a safer option before commencing our Drug Rehabilitation Program. This is determined by the Doctor.

Once the  person has been  medically cleared they can start our Drug Rehabilitation and Education Program.

The key components to the Withdrawal program are:

• 24-hour care.

• Specific dosages of vitamins and minerals to account for the many nutrient deficiencies addicts have.

• A nutritious meal plan that assists the vitamin and mineral regime

• Re-orientation exercises designed to reduce anxiety and increase objectivity.

• Light massage techniques called ‘Body Assists’ to calm the body and reduce spasms and cramps.

• Communication Exercises to improve communication and confidence.

The above components work together to help an addict Withdraw the Drugs/Alcohol they have been Addicted to in a comfortable and caring environment.

The next step is our Sauna Detox

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